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Today will be the last day that I am posting on Eten Blog dot Com on a regular basis. That’s because, come tomorrow, I will be running My Today Screen with Doug Goldring. This site is very similar to Eten Blog dot Com in a sense that it will cover news, views, and reviews. There will still be prize giveaways and contests to take part in as well. However, unlike Eten Blog, it will focus on Windows Mobile devices in general. There were many reasons for this move which I hope to explain in this post.

Why The Move?

Most of the content on Eten Blog dot Com can actually help users of Windows Mobile users. They are not specifically meant for Eten Glofiish users (unless otherwise stated). Having a name like Eten Blog dot Com thus does not cover it’s reach. Even spmwinkel mentions this in a personal email to me when he said that he would not have subscribed to Eten Blog if it had not been for me linking to one of his articles and he found out about it. Reason because he was not using an Eten Glofiish device. But when he did learn about the site, he found it useful and has since been a subscriber and active participant on the site.

I am sure there are many others like spmwinkel out there. Just because of the name, they do not subscribe to the site. It’s the same reason I did not subscribe to AximSite in the past as well (and I still do not have an Axim device).

So to summarize, the reason for the move is to better position the site and serve more people.

What About Eten Blog dot Com?

Here’s the dilemma. I am not too sure what to do with it right now. Once the new site launches, I will do my regular postings there as well as Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine. I plan to start moving some of the more popular articles over to this new site as well over a period of time. The way I look at it, there are 3 options for me:

Option 1: Close This Site

I could close this site in a couple of months. The popular articles will be moved to the new site and all visitors to Eten Blog dot Com will be forward to the new site automatically. Eten Bog dot Com will cease to exist.

Option 2: Open Community

I could keep this site open and let users who signup become contributors of the site. So you can have your say here like it was your own blog. There will be some moderation on my part to remove non-related articles but I think that would be very minimal.

Option 3: Wiki Site

This is actually something like Option 2 but instead of a blog like entry, it will be in the form of a wiki (like wikipedia). This way, the articles are timeless and you can get access to resources based on the categories. It will still be open to the community to edit and publish just like Option 2.

So let me know what you think I should with Eten Blog. In the mean time, do join me at My Today Screen for our launch party  :mrgreen:

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Link Love For March 30 2008

There were quite a number of interesting articles this past week and while not all of them are related to Windows Mobile, I think you would enjoy reading about them nonetheless. Here they are:

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The 5th and final part of this Eten Glofiish M800 review was made possible because of you, the readers. Thank you for your suggestions and tests on how I should carry out the review. They have really been useful and I have tried to carry out as much of them as I possibly could. Those that I could not, I looked around to see if someone else had done them and brought the results over (I will let you know which they are). So hopefully, all these tests and their results answer your questions.

I have listed all the tests below, even if they have been answered in other parts. If that is the case, I will let you know.

Test: First set up your Today screens with some third-party Today plugins like iLauncher, PocketBreeze, Spb P+ or whatever, and while you give your introduction, perform a soft reset. This will show the user how long a soft reset takes, and how fast the devices starts up a customized Today screen.

Result: I could not get the camcorder in time so I there is no video. However, I did the test and it took just under 1 minute (about 58-59 seconds) for the device to soft reset and start up again. This was with pocketMax phoneAlarm, SBSH iLauncher and Weather, Matepsoft TodayTime and Spb Backup as plguins on the Today Screen.

Test: I would like to see tests of how well it connects to the Internet. The first step would be to go to one of the web sites that provides a speed test and see just how fast it downloads and uploads. The next would be to set it up, if possible, as a wireless router, using the WiFi to create a network that laptops could connect to, and the 3G to connect the phone to the internet. I gather software to do that exists, although I haven’t used it. Then redo the speedtest-from a laptop.

Result: Unfortunately my carrier does not have 3G at this time and as such I am unable to carry out this test. However, based on another user, he claims to be getting speeds of about 250-500KBPS which is the same as what he got with his AT&T Tilt (HTC Kaiser). He is on the AT&T (USA) network. While the numbers may seem low, he did manage to get higher rates using a different device in the past so I doubt the limiting factor is the Glofiish M800 in this case because he got the same result with the Tilt.

Another user connected his Glofiish M800 to the laptop to do the speed test and he got HSPDA speeds (almost 2000kbps) but did not receive the same result when he used the Pocket PC directly.

So it seems that the Glofiish M800 is capable of HSPDA connection but there are questions as to how or when it is achieved.

Test: how well it works for reading books. How long does it take to load a book into the word processor and is there a practical limit to how many you can have loaded at once. I bought a Nokia E90 and then sent it back after discovering that it took about ten minutes to load a book and could only have one book loaded at a time, making it useless for one of the things I use a smart phone for.

Result: I did not carry out this test but another user and he claims that it’s great for ebooks (thanks to the VGA resolution). The ebooks load fast and you can load as many as you want.

Test: I want some comparison pictures between the X800 and M800 as far as their camera goes.

Result: I covered this in Part IV of the review. However, I did not compare it to the X800 (did not have one) but rather a Glofiish X500 and a Panasonic Digital Camera (Lumix FX-8) using the same 2MP resolution.

Test: Any differences between the x800 and this?

Result: I can’t say much because I do not have the Glofiish X800 to compare. Maybe the M800 has a newer version of Windows Mobile? But then again, if that were the case, the Glofiish X800 should get that in the next update.

Test: I would like to know about the limits the 64M RAM may impose. The most important (for me) would be to know how the M800 works with the latest iGO navi sw. iGO is THE most popular sw in my region (eastern Europe).

Result: I do not have the application so I can’t test it out. However, I did use TomTom and it worked pretty well (smooth). You can read about that in Part IV of the review.

Test: Does the keyboard buzz when it’s lit?

Result: Nope

Test: Are there lines on the pictures taken by the camera?

Result: See for yourself in Part IV. But the short answer is no.

Test: Is the microphone volume good?

Result: You be the judge of that. I covered this in Part IV. In my opinion, it is pretty good.

Test: Are the yellow keys illuminated by the keyboard light?

Result: Yes they are.

Test: Does suggest x words re-enable every soft reset?

Result: Nope. I disabled them and they’ve not come back since.

Test: Do any keyboard presses get skipped when typing a lot?

Result: I covered this in Part IV. Apparently, it does happen to the fastest of typists (I am not one) and only in the Message application.

Test: The VGA screen is a big factor for me, however I’ve heard some negatives things in the past with x500+ due to choppiness with web browsing, and videos, etc. I’d appreciate it if you could perhaps review the screen in this aspect.

Result: Did that in Part IV. Do check it out. Basically, you can still web browse (which is great on a VGA screen) and watch videos as long as they are coded properly.

Test: Does it have auto-call recording? (you can use AudioNotes to test)

Result: Yes it does but you need to use AudioNotes.

Test: Does it have good contacts management? eg a) save into existing contacts, b) sms contacts details to other phones, c) save contacts into sim

Result: Yes to all.

Test: Can it send pictures direct to spaces (Microsoft blogging website) using the Pictures and Videos app?

Result: Yes.

Test: Is the quick GPS app (download satellite data) useful, ie helps in fixing the satellite faster?

Result: Yes it is significantly faster when fixing from a cold start or warm start. For hot starts, there is not much difference because it is already so fast.

Test: Can you do battery test? I’m especially worried because of the VGA screen.

Result: This is hard to say because it depends on individual usage. For me, the device lasted just over a day on normal phone calls, some web surfing and emails. It would last longer if you used it more often.

Test: How long does the screen take to change to landscape mode after sliding out the keyboard?

Result: 3-4 seconds with all Eten applications installed. 1-2 seconds on a clean ROM.

Test: Does the qwerty keyboard has PgUp & PgDn abilities? Useful when scrolling internet

Result: Nope it does not have any.

Test: U did mention that your T-Mobile doesn’t have 3G yet, but if, by chance u got to use somebody else’s AT&T line, can u test the HSDPA speed using both on the phone, & on the laptop/PC(tethered using USB or bluetooth):

Result: I covered this earlier in the post.

Test: This is very important- it having VGA screen means we can zoom out Excel files and still can read the text. However, with both WM phones I used, Excel doesn’t remember my last zoom level. So, I had to re-zoom everytime. Does it have this problem too?

Result: Yes the problem is there.

Test: How good is the Bluetooth setting management?

Result: Really good because there are wizards to help you setup the various Bluetooth connections (like headset, ActiveSync and even File Transfer)

Test: Is there a keyboard shortcut to go home/end of a sentence?

Result: By that if you mean if there is a Home/End key, there is none.

Test: Do the contact-photos appear in incoming call, outgoing calls, dialpad last call, sms, e-mails and mms?

Result: Yes

Test: Does it have smart-dialling? iè in dialpad, u can use the keypad like T9 keypad, & it’ll search names for all combinations of the keypad numbers

Result: Yes it does. This is a the default behavior of the dial pad for Windows Mobile 6.

Test: how reliable is the internet sharing using either bluetooth or usb?

Result: Pretty reliable on my side. Did not have any disconnection.

Test: how good is the quality of stereo bluetooth when listening to MP3’s?

Result: Do not have a stereo Bluetooth headset to test.

Test: can you run benchmark on videos using tcpmp?

Result: I did that in Part IV.

Test: Is the Video camera quality ok?

Result: It’s alright for a Pocket PC. I would prefer to use the one on my digital camera/camcorder.

Test: Does the camera take pictures fast?

Result: It takes them fast but saving takes quite a while. Could be dependent on card speed.

Test: Are there LED Notifications for sms/mms received/ missed calls?

Result: Yes there are. These can be set in Sounds & Notifications.

Test: how good are the softkey assignments eg sms should have ‘new sms’ softkey instead of for example 4 key presses just to create new sms. Also, calendar softkey should have ‘edit’

Result: I am not sure I understand your question. If you are talking about the Today screen softkey, you can change that using applications or registry tweaks. If you are talking about softkeys within each application, then it would be dependent on each application.

Test: Are there press+hold assignments for side buttons (the front hard buttons are touch buttons, so, can’t) to launch apps?

Result: By default, only the recording button has a press and hold assignment in the Buttons application. This is standard for all Windows Mobile devices. There can be press and hold features added to all other buttons but that would require a third party application like AE Button Plus.

Test: Do contacts show the contacts’ call history?

Result: From within the phone application, click on the contact will show its call history. It’s a standard feature of Windows Mobile 6.

Test: At what percentage does battery-low-warning appear? Too low, like 10%, can sometimes mean, before u get a chance to charge, it already runs out & phone is shutdown.

Result: This can be tweaked. Mine appears at 20%

Test: Is there keyboard backlight setting so that there’s option to lengthen the time before it offs itself?

Result: At the moment, none that I know of. There should be a registry edit.

Test: can front-facing camera be used to take pictures?

Result: Yes, but it’s of a lower resolution (0.3MP).

Test: Is there a search function in sms, ie something which makes it easy to find text in past sms/ emails (sender/ to etc) just by typing the first few letters?

Result: You can use the default Search function of Windows Mobile to do this.

Test: How good is the 3G video-calling quality?

Result: Unable to test.

Test: Does it get warm when running too many programs?

Result: It does get warm but nothing uncomfortable.

Test: Is it slow during contacts ‘matching’, ie searching for names

Result: Nope, it’s almost instantaneous.

Test: How good is the ‘Save As’ feature? some WM phones don’t separate SD card from main memory folders

Result: All Windows Mobile Professional device do not separate the folders. But I have a guide on how you can do on this site.

Test: Is it still slow to load big Word files?

Result: It’s not slow though it does not open it instantaneously. It also depends on how big and complex the file is.

Test: Is there a ringtone profile, that when there is an appointment, it automaticaly sets phone to vibrate mode?

Result: No, you need a third-party application (e.g. phoneAlarm) for this.

Test: Can you download emails from company’s Microsoft Exchanger Server? and can you call-up company address book from within Pocket outlook using search? How reliable is the Push Mail feature?

Result: I do not use a company’s Exchange Server but tried with a free Push Mail service (Mail2Web) and it works fine. Was not able to use the search function because there is no company address book to test. Pretty reliable. No outages like RIM :P

Test: Can it accept vcard (contacts details) sent from other phones?

Result: Yes

Test: Does the SIP keyboard pop-up when slide-out keyboard is in use? Would be annoying if it did

Result: Yes it does but when you start typing on the keyboard, it auto-hides.

Test: Has your device the paint chipping problem (either whole device or only back cover)

Result: Thank god not so far.


So that brings me to the end of the this series on the review of the Eten Glofiish M800. I had it for about a month and while initially I it troublesome (due to the touch sensitive buttons mainly), I have come to enjoy it with each passing day. Like any new device, it would take some time for you to get used to and understand it so that you can maximize it to your needs.

The Eten Glofiish M800 was a great phone during the time I had it. Sure, it is slow and laggy out of the box, thanks to all that Eten applications but after a clean hard reset and some tweaking of the font cache and page pool, ,this device is really fast and snappy. I was really wrong about the VGA screen slowing the device down significantly. While there were slowdowns and choppiness here and there, it was few and far in between that it did not bother me.

If you are on the lookout for an Eten Glofiish M800, be sure to check out Networking ‘R’ Us who was kind enough to supply me with a device for the review. They go for $669 and come with a 1 year service warranty from PPCTechs in the USA. You also get the standard 1 year warranty from Eten which runs concurrently if you live outside the USA. Check it out here.

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There were a lot of hype about the Skyfire browser when it was first announced at WMC ‘08 last month and many were eager to get onto the limited beta. I was one such person. But I was not in the first round (or first few rounds for that matter) of the beta and so had to be contented with the reviews made by those who were lucky enough to get into the beta. Well, earlier this week my luck finally changed and I was finally allowed in. I downloaded my Skyfire beta and set off to see if this really was the browser that would save Windows Mobile.


There could be several versions of Skyfire out there since it’s released, or there could be only one. I am not sure on that. But what I am sure is that for this review, I am running version For those interested, it’s free to join the beta, the only requirement is that you must register with a US mobile number here. I am not sure why it’s only limited to those in the US but the only way you can download the browser is through a text message that they will send you when you get accepted. While it says that you also need an unlimited data plan, you could also surf with a WiFi connection if you choose.

First Look

Installation was rather straightforward and after that, you would need to setup an account with a username (the email that you used for beta sign up) and a password. The reason for this is because of how Skyfire works. Rather than dealing directly with the website which is what you get on Pocket Internet Explorer, your data is routed through Skyfire’s servers where it is rendered for your device. Thus the need to log onto the system.

Many have raised concerns over their private data being handled this way but Skyfire has assured that the data is heavily encrypted and there should be no cause for concern as the company handles data in the strictest confidential. Let’s just hope no hacker breaks into their system and steals our data.

Skyfire: Startup screen 1 Skyfire: Startup screen 2
Starting up Skyfire… Takes quite some time

What I have noticed during startup is that it is rather slow. This is most probably due to the authentication that happens on every run. Unlike Opera Mini where you might need to manually allow the application to run, Skyfire does this automatically. Which makes it appears to have a rather slow start up. But once it’s all done, you will be greeted with the screen below where you can start surfing.

Skyfire: Home screen

Usage & Handling

Skyfire: Zoomed out of a site Skyfire: And how it looks like zoomed in
How it looks like zoomed out And zoomed in

For the uninitiated, Skyfire works very similar to Opera Mini. You visit a site and you get a zoomed out version of the site. Tap on a region of the site that you want to visit and it zooms in on that area. Not the region you want? Then zoom out and tap another region. So far so good right? Well here are some observations.

Page Rendering Speed

Skyfire claims to be the fastest browser out there for Windows Mobile. I am not too sure how true that is because I am not able to compare it side by side. However, when you consider that pages are rendered on their server and then transferred to your device, it would make sense that it is faster than Opera Mini which renders the page on your device when it first loads.

However, that is where the claim stops because each zoom in or out on the Skyfire requires data to be transferred back and forth between server and device and this is significantly slower when you compare to Opera Mini. Not only that, you can imagine the amount of bandwidth that Skyfire consumes due to the way it operates. It’s no wonder they advice you to be on an unlimited data connection!


Skyfire: Without SmartFit Skyfire: With SmartFit
Without SmartFit With SmartFit

Pages rendered in Skyfire where a pleasure. Note that because your device is now seen as a desktop browser to the sites you are visiting, you will be getting the full version of it. Which in some cases could mean that the words may flow out of view and you would have to scroll left and right on top of up and down to read an article. But Skyfire has a useful solution for you. By activating Smart Fit which is found in Settings, the page is rendered so that it fully fits your view and the only scrolling you need to do it up and down. I found this to be really useful when reading news from sites like BBC and New York Times.

Skyfire: Checkerboard effect

However, I would recommend that you do not scroll too fast. That’s because the page needs to render and if you do, chances are the text will become blur before they come into focus shortly or you will get a checkerboard effect which means the server has not sent you the page yet (which it will come to shortly). This seems to suggest that Skyfire is useful for reading articles but not so much so when you are just skimming through a site.

Supports Multiple Formats Including Videos

Skyfire: Browsing Gmail Skyfire: Reading an email
Browsing Gmail Reading an email

This is one of the strengths of Skyfire. It seems to support a whole host of page formats from the basic HTML to even AJAX. The above is a screen shot of my Gmail account when viewed from Skyfire. Pretty cool eh? And the best part is, it works. That means I could click on the link or even use the checkboxes to navigate and manage my Gmail.

Skyfire: YouTube main site Skyfire: Watching a video
Browsing YouTube Watching a video

That’s not all. It also supports the main YouTube site natively. That means you could be surfing the site, just like you would on your desktop. Click on a video to watch and it loads AND plays natively inside Skyfire. You can even adjust the sound if it’s too loud or soft. No longer do you need to use the YouTube hack to play it’s videos in Windows Mobile.

Was this really the browser I was looking for? Well not quite. While it could render a lot more page formats, it still fell short when it came to internet banking. This, however, is on a case by case basis and depends on how your bank sets up its banking portal. In my case, 2 of the internet banking sites that did not work properly with PIE/Opera Mini worked great with Skyfire but 1 of them did not allow me to enter any details, making Skyfire unusable in this instance.

No SIP Switching Option

On thing that bothered me about Skyfire is the fact that I cannot change SIPs from within the program. I can’t even call out the SIP when I want to. This is really bad because some SIPs that allow you to create a word before placing it in the text field (like HTC’s PhonePad and CooTek’s TouchPal) will not work properly with Skyfire. You have to enter one character and tap enter in between each character if you want to use such SIPs. Troublesome don’t you think?

Which brings me to my second rant on being able to choose SIPs. If my usual SIP does not work, shouldn’t I be ale to change it from within the program? Apparently not in Skyfire. That means I have to exit the program, switch SIPs and then launch Skyfire (slowly) again. All this could have been avoided if I were allowed to switch SIPs inside Skyfire.

What I Like About It

  • Supports multiple page format including AJAX.
  • SmartFit makes reading comfortable and pleasurable.
  • Can watch videos natively.
  • It’s Free!!

What Could Be Improved

  • Startup is rather slow.
  • Unable to change SIPs in program.
  • No tab viewing.
  • Allow server to send data in background for the rest of the page to minimize/eliminate checkerboard effect


All in all, I think Skyfire has a lot of potential. It’s slow in some areas which I hope that they can work on to speed up and fast in others. The fact that it supports a lot of formats and even plays videos is a really nice feature. The zooming in and out can be rather troublesome in the beginning but after a while, one can definitely get used to it.

It’s unclear how long this beta is going to continue or when the browser will be officially launched. At the moment, it is still a very rough diamond but if it’s cut properly, Skyfire can definitely be the browser that saves Windows Mobile and bring back surfing the internet to it.

Have you used Skyfire? What are your experiences with it?

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How do you transfer files between your computer and your Pocket PC? There are quite a few ways, depending on the situation right? For one, you could use the Explorer function when you are connected via ActiveSync. Or if you are using a remote program like SOTI’s Pocket Controller, you can use their File Explorer application as well. But what if you do not want to use ActiveSync you ask? Well, you could always use WM5Storage (currently at v1.8). While this does not require an ActiveSync, you are connected at USB1.1 speeds and through a wire. Would you prefer a wireless option and faster rate?

If you say yes, then here is one option that you might want to look into: MochaSoft FTP Server for Windows Mobile. It used to be a commercial software but you can now download it for free. Don’t be worried if you see the registration screen because you can register it using the following username and password:

  • username: freeware
  • password: 111425

Those credentials are given by the company, in case you are wondering, in this page which describes it’s features. So how does this application fare? Do you need it?

Finding The Application

Well before we go into the gist of the application, here is a problem which you might face when getting the application. When you follow the link above which describes the software, you will notice a download button at the end of the page. Click on it and you will be taken to another page which is where you can get the software.

Now here is where the fun begins. I scrolled to the second table, the one that says Product (with touch screen) because I am using a Pocket PC but I could not find anything remotely connected to FTP there. I though it had a different name so I proceeded to download and install all 3 applications that you see in that table. Unfortunately, none of the applications were the ones I was looking for.

So where is the application you ask?

Well it’s actually found in the last row on the third table (with the heading Older Pocket PC devices (with touch screen)) with the name Mocha FTP Server, Pocket PC 200x or Windows Mobile. Released as freeware. That is the application you want to download.

First Look

MochaSoft FTP Server: Intro screen

When you first launch the software, you see a screen like the one above, making you assume that it’s a commercial software. Well it used to be but you can now get it free. Go ahead and click Trial if you want to use it or Register to register the product. You can use the following credentials to get your free (legal) copy:

  • username: freeware
  • password: 111425
MochaSoft FTP Server: Main screen

Once passed that screen, you will the next screen above. This shows you the status of the FTP server, which is run by your Pocket PC. The I.P. Address is the one that you want to take note of because that is what you will want to key into your browser (be it Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other browser of your fancy).

To get started quickly, you will type the following into the address bar of your browser:

where you replace the x with your IP address. Using my screen shot as an example, I would type in and hit enter. You will then be presented with a web page that looks like something below:

MochaSoft FTP Server: How the list looks like in Firefox

Don’t be alarmed, that’s the normal way an FTP server will list it’s files (unless it’s modified). That same file directory is the one that you would see if you were connected to your Pocket PC via ActiveSync or any other file browsing application. You can practically access (and transfer to your PC) any file on your Pocket PC from that screen, be in /Windows/ folder or those found in your storage card.

Is It Safe?

So that’s the number 1 question on your mind? Not to worry. By default, anonymous logins are enable, meaning anyone can access your Pocket PC if they know the IP address to connect to.

MochaSoft FTP Server: User configuration MochaSoft FTP Server: Adding a new user
User configuration screen Adding a new user is easy

You can change this setting by going to File > Settings, and under the Users tab, make sure that the check box beside Allow anonymous login is empty (that is no tick). If you do that, anyone who wants to connect to your Pocket PC FTP server would need login credential and you can create one by tapping on Add and filling up the form. You can even grant access rights, that means whether you want the user to only be able to read the files on your device or read and write files to your device.

MochaSoft FTP Server: Network tab MochaSoft FTP Server: Other tab
Network tab Other tab

The other 2 tabs (Network and Other) are not important and can be left as is. If you are facing problems with connections, look here to change some settings as that could be the cause of the problem.

Can I Copy Files To The Pocket PC?

Yes, but not through your browser. Remember, this is an FTP server application that you are running so it supports the standard FTP commands. To copy files to your Pocket PC, you will need an FTP client. The one I am using in this example is FileZilla which you can download for free. After installing FileZilla, launch the application and go to File > Site Manager to set up the connection. A box similar to the one below will pop up:

MochaSoft FTP Server: Setting up the connection in FileZilla

Click New Sites and then enter a name for that site. I called mine Pocket PC. Here are the options that you will need to change:

  • Host: This is your I.P. address. Just put in the numbers here.
  • Port: 21
  • Servertype: FTP

If you allowed anonymous connections, you can click connect and transfer away. If you did not, then you will need to make some more changes:

  • Logontype: Normal
  • User: the username that you created on the FTP application on your Pocket PC
  • Password: the password for that username

Once done, click connect. If you get an error, check your settings as something you entered must be wrong.

So now that you get the directory of your Pocket PC on the right window and your PC on the left, you can easily transfer files between the 2 devices just as easily and quickly.

What Else Can I Use This For?

Well, because this is an FTP server, your device can be really useful in some instances. Like if you want to share files with your friends, you no longer need to send them via Bluetooth. Just fire up this application and give your friends your I.P. address and you can transfer your files to a maximum of 25 friends at one time. How’s that for file sharing?

This is just one of the ways you could use this application. I am sure you can think of more useful instances based on your situation.

Why Should I Use This?

Well I have already covered some really good reasons but there are a few others why you would want to have this application.

For one, it keeps the connection alive. Unlike other applications that allows wireless file transfer (like Total Commander’s FTP feature), this one keeps the connection and device alive as long as it is running. With Total Commander, my device goes into standby after 2 minutes (the time which I set on my Power Settings) and as such, I have to keep an eye on it. With this application, I could turn it on, leave it to transfer files between my PC and Pocket PC and go off to do something else without worrying about the connection being cut.

It also has a security timer which automatically cuts off inactive sessions which makes it safer for you to operate.

What other reasons do you need to use this application?

What I Like About The Program

  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Supports FTP commands
  • Allows up to 25 connections
  • Choose between anonymous and normal login
  • ‘Live’ logs to see the transfer activity

What Could Be Improved

  • Make it easier to find on the download site
  • Support for softkeys


If you are constantly transferring between files between your PC and Pocket PC or even among friends, this is an application that you will want to install. It’s free and has a very small footprint but it makes your file transferring process a lot easier and faster. If you have to download it, you can do so here.

What are your experiences with this application?

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