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Recently, we gave provided you access to ROM WWE040 0381 that was still in the process of being tweaked. Well it’s been a while since that ROM was launched and we now have the finalized version. This ROM is called 0402 and it brings with it some much needed improvements. For those of you holding back from the previous upgrade, this is your chance.Improvements

Here are the bug fixes made and new features added:

  • Fix the device reset occasionally problem.
  • Fixed Security Pin code lost problem.
  • Support SDHC function.
  • Fixed system doesn’t show H icon when HSDPA is working (Please update with 3G firmware below).
  • Improve Video Call stability.
  • Fix the problem of Satellite Data Update which when the update is finished, the GPRS is still connected.
  • Improve the connection stability of Bluetooth.
  • Improve the stability of FM Tuner application.
  • Modify the connection Wizard version.
  • Improve part of Call Filter function.
  • Improve the stability of Namecard Manager.
  • Improve the battery meter accuracy.


You will need 2 files for the complete upgrade. The first consists of the ROM and the second file is for the 3G upgrade.


There is a slight change to the files, based on your PC’s Operating System. Do download the appropriate file based on it (Windows XP or Windows Vista). The file names for Eten Corp is different from that of the file downloaded from RapidShare/Eten Blog dot Com because I have done so to make it easier for users to recognize them when they download it.

For XP Users

For Vista Users

3G / GSM

ROM Upgrade

After downloading the correct ROM upgrade file, run the upgrade file as per normal. For those of you using Vista, you might have a problem if you have not updated your USB drivers. As such, you have 2 options. The first is to run the ROM upgrade from an SD Card. The second is to upgrade your USB Drivers. If you chose the first option, make sure you use a standard SD card (and not an SDHC one).

If you are using another Operating System besides Windows such as a Mac OS or Linux, then your only option would be to run the upgrade from an SD Card.

3G / GSM Upgrade

Perform this upgrade only AFTER you have done the ROM upgrade. Copy the file (ModemUpdater_FC3301_CA.exe) to your device and run it from your device by tapping on it. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the upgrade. Once completed, make sure you reset your X800.

To check if the upgrade was successful, go to Start > Settings > System > System Information > Wireless Module > GSM/GPRS > Firmware Version. It should read R3BEC31ACL_V1.01CA and if this is not the case, then your upgrade was not successful and you will have to re-do it.

How is this new ROM for you?

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Comment by Victor Butiu Subscribed to comments via email
2007-12-09 18:36:24

Hi, i bought the x800 with WM6… when i used your rom upgrade i saw there WM5. Can you fix that?
OS version when i tested it was 5… not 6, as it should be.
Kind regards,

Comment by Tariq Bamadhaj
2007-12-10 15:29:47

Hi Victor

Thanks for the heads up. I think this is more of a typo than a functional error meaning it should be the latest ROM. I can’t change the ROM as it was released by Eten and not me.

Comment by Karlis
2007-12-10 05:06:31

I also noticed, that while upgrading ROM there is a messege “upgrading wm5″ or something like that. But after upgrade
i checked and all was correct, the new ROM is WM6 profesional.

Comment by Tariq Bamadhaj
2007-12-10 15:30:29

Hi Karlis

Thanks for testing and the heads up. Eten seems to be famous for this WM5/6 mistake. They did the same thing too when they launched WM6 for Eten Glofiish X500.

Comment by pato Subscribed to comments via email
2007-12-10 08:45:08

Any idea if there be WM6 ROM upgrade for X500:?:


Comment by Tariq Bamadhaj
2007-12-10 15:31:55

Hi Pato

There has already been a ROM upgrade for WM6 for the X500 that was released in May. If you are asking about an update to that ROM, then I am afraid there is no news about that.

Comment by andy Subscribed to comments via email
2007-12-11 08:35:17


Firstly, many thanks Tariq for all your hard work in helping all us ETEN users find the information we need.

I would like to upgrade to the new ROM and I use VISTA. I have problems in that most of the time I cannot connect to the Windows Mobile Device Centre. This means I cannot back up my device and so cannot do the ROM upgrade.

I have read some posts about updating USB drivers, but I cannot find specific information about what drivers to update and where to go to get the new drivers. Do you have any more information on what to do?


Comment by Xavier
2007-12-11 12:57:21

You should upload the ROM to another server
The WIN XP ROM upgrade is SLOW, transfering at 40 kb/sec

That server is SLOW

Comment by Tariq Bamadhaj
2007-12-11 16:12:29

Hi Xavier

Point taken. I will do the necessary upload to this server within the next couple of hours.

Comment by andy Subscribed to comments via email
2007-12-11 13:18:21

Well I managed to start the upgrade, even though It takes many attempts to get the phone synchronised and communicating with Vista.

The upgrade starts, the X800 displays an “MS DOS” style black and white screen and on my PC I am asked to confirm the upgrade from ROM 0363 to 0402. I confirm this and the X800 displays a few more lines of text and then very quickly the screen flashes white and then back to the “DOS” screen where it says “waiting for download”.

On my PC I am again asked to confirm an upgrade from ROM “blank” (e.g. no ROM version displayed) to Version 0402. I confirm this and then I get an error on the PC saying “RAPI copyfile error”. There are no further details and I cannot proceed with the update. I have to reset the X800 which then boots with the old ROM.

I have tried this many times and all with the same result - do you have any idea what I can do to make the update work? Would trying via an XP machine be more reliable?


Comment by Tariq Bamadhaj
2007-12-11 16:24:29

Hi Andy

Thanks for your compliments on the previous comment.

There is a common problem Vista users are facing when doing ROM upgrades, no matter what the manufacturer.

I have found a solution to it on another site and I will put it up here shortly.

Comment by andy Subscribed to comments via email
2007-12-12 05:10:09

Many thanks Tariq, looking forward to trying the Vista solution.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Milos Subscribed to comments via email
2007-12-12 09:16:51

i purchase X800 with ROM WWE 040 0381 but if i want to upgrade to WWE 040 0402 it fail with error: EUU & WINXP OS Image is NOT compatible with this hardware.
I used file 200712071606131197014756XP.EXE from eten site.
any idea to resolve this problem? :wink:

Comment by Juan Subscribed to comments via email
2007-12-13 10:26:38

Hi All,
I have a new X800 whith the following version:
X800 Ver A42 USA 040 0363
I just tried to install the new ROM, but I have the following error:
Is this problem because I have an USA Version?
If yes, Can I change my version?
Thanks in advanced and regards.

Comment by Tariq Bamadhaj
2007-12-13 11:17:50

Hi Juan

Yes you should be able to change it to a EUU version and there should be no problem with that.

Comment by Juan Subscribed to comments via email
2007-12-13 12:00:39

Hi Traiq,
Thaks for your quickly answer.
I’m very new with the Glofiish unit, and I cannot found how I can change the version to EUU.
Could you send me a link about it?
Which is the difference between the version EUU and the USA? Is it only a different distribution?
Thanks again and regards,


Comment by Tariq Bamadhaj
2007-12-13 12:02:54

Hi Juan

At the moment, I am not too sure of how to change version for the X800. The steps I have found so far are for the older models but when I do find it, I will be sure to let you know.

The only difference that I can think of is the localization and carrier settings. I can’t confirm this because I do not have the various versions to test it out.

Comment by Andy Subscribed to comments via email
2007-12-14 09:54:27


I have just successfully updated to the 0402 ROM by using XP.

I noticed on the ETEN web site a camra patch and a keylock patch. I cannot see these listed in the relese notes for the 0402 ROM, so should I apply these updates as wekk?



Comment by Andy Subscribed to comments via email
2007-12-14 09:56:11

Oops, I meant “well?” not “wekk?” !!

Comment by Tariq Bamadhaj
2007-12-14 14:04:46

Hi Andy

From my understanding, those 2 patches have already been integrated into ROM 0402 so there is no need for you to apply the patches. I am glad to hear that you have finally been able to update the ROM through an XP machine.

Comment by Juan Subscribed to comments via email
2007-12-14 22:39:41

Hi Tariq,
I just finished my upgrade to the WWE_A42_040_0402. In order to avoid the problem with the language (My Glofiish was a X800 Ver A42 USA 040 0363), I used the unlocked updater from:



Comment by Tariq Bamadhaj
2007-12-15 10:46:22

Hi Juan

Thanks for posting this tip. I will be sure to share it with the rest of the readers. Am glad that you managed to get the update to work.

Comment by geezer43
2007-12-15 16:01:50

Have x800 with rom A42 USA 040 0363. All available upgrade downloads to the 402 version are EUU. Are they compatible? Additionally, I do not see any upgrades available on the Eten website. Only product manuals. Am I missing something?

Comment by Tariq Bamadhaj
2007-12-16 12:02:24

Hi geezer43

You can use this ROM if you know how to change the language. Juan has posted a link in one of the comments which I think you will find useful in doing so. Eten is slow to release such updates in their sites. From experience, they usually release them to their distributors first before they post it on their site.


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