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Here are some interesting articles I found while surfing the web this past week:

  • If you are a fan of Dungeons and Dragons Dice Roller game, then why not play it on your Pocket PC right? Well the author of this thread has adapted it just for you. Enjoy!
  • It seems that the HTC Class Action Suit may just go on. When news of it first broke, HTC were quick to apologize for it (from what I hear) but it seems that they are not keen to provide the drivers which is causing this to snowball.
  • Phone Arena has done a video review of the X600. With ETEN launching more devices in the next couple of weeks than they have ever done (if I remember correctly), this video would do well to get you familiar with the X600.
  • Shogun from Pocket PC Addict Forums has written a nice (and short) article on text messaging. You’ll take less than 2 minutes to read it but it’s really informative (unless you know about it already).
  • What’s made for cameras but can be just as useful for our Pocket PCs? No its not storage cards and portable chargers though points to you for guessing those. Still wondering? Well here’s the scoop with msmobiles.
  • You hear Apple fanatics claiming and touting intuitiveness. A rough definition means that the device in question works well because you can use your instincts to use it. But is it for real with the iPhone? Adam Lein finds out.
  • buzz word has this really funny article on Who Choses Windows Mobile. It’s a really great and light-hearted read on why certain groups of people use Windows Mobile. I’d recommend you leave you thoughts there if you have the time.

If you have an article that you would like to be considered for Link Love, feel free to let me know about it.

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Comment by Sony Ericsson Games
2008-01-29 03:20:40

Nice article…….i really enjoy given articles are really informative for me and hope for you plz read and get healthy information……..


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