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It’s been just over a week now since the FunContact 2.0 Prize Giveaway started and it looks like there are some really good entries. I am sure VITO Technology will find them useful and hopefully they implement it into their next version. Which can only mean a much better software for all of us.

For those who have yet to take part, I am just wondering why? Is it because you’ve seen some really good answers? I hope that is not the reason because it was (and still is) NOT a criteria to winning. You only need to leave a valid comment. In this case, it’s one that is related to FunContact. So what else is holding you back? It’s so easy to take part, I would do so if I could!

You have slightly less than a week before the contest closes so I would really urge you to leave your comments soon. Remember, only comments left in this thread (the link and not this post you are reading) will qualify. Not here or anywhere else.

Bonus: Increase your chances by becoming a registered user. It’s free and you are not signing up for any newsletter. 1 license will go to a registered user while the other 2 will be randomly given to any comment. So register now.

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1 Comment

Comment by PJMDS
2008-02-04 10:06:56

Hi Tariq, has I already told you I didn’t take part because I don’t need such software, don’t make much calls on the pocket pc, any contact manager is enough for me.

Now a little off topic, sorry about that, there’s a new software from Vito that seems cool and very useful for me, its , would be really nice if you made one review of it and a contest to win a copy :wink:

best regards


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