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And we’re now on to Part III of this series and it sure looks from the comments that everyone is enjoying it just as much as I am. Just a reminder that I’ve stopped taking questions for the developers and their answers will appear in the next part. For those who have just joined us, there’s a Part I and II to this series that you might want to read first before you start on this, to get a better flow of things.

Also a quick recap, each representative will be represented by their company’s name. So you will see my questions and replies as Eten Blog, Alex Kac’s will be WebIs, Amit’s will be SBSH, Ellen’s will be Ilium, Victoria’s will be Spb and DinarSoft’s will be DinarSoft.

Eten Blog: Let’s talk about 2008. What do you have in store for us?

DinarSoft: Our 2008 plan is really busy and will introduce new titles, however we can’t say much now but we’re sure customers will like them.

Spb: Oh, please be sure, we are going to try to outdo ourselves this year yet again, but we don’t share our plans. So, the mobile people out there, tune it, please keep an eye on our news and you’ll be rewarded.

Eten Blog: Sounds really tempting. What about you Alex, Amit and Ellen?

WebIs: Mostly BlackBerry support and two major releases.

SBSH: As I’ve mentioned in some of my answers above, there are definitely lots of new surprises on the pipeline for 2008. Unfortunately I can’t disclose much more information about the different projects at this stage, but we will be sure to have those announced to the community and market the right way once things will be ready for release!

Ilium: We’ve already announced the beta program for our eWallet Web Companion - a way for users to view their wallets safely on their iPhones, Blackberry, or Symbian phones, or in fact any device with a browser and an internet connection. We’ll also continue upgrading our software, as well as our website.

Eten Blog: Oh boy. I was hoping for something juicy but I guess the only way we’ll find out is to keep ourselves tuned it. Maybe you could tell us which software to look out for?

Spb: Like I said, we cannot unveil future plans, but we’ll definitely go for offering our customers something very special around the 3GSM event, as well as the summer should prove to be fruitful. Stay with us!

WebIs: Everything :)

DinarSoft: In Q2/Q3, we will release a new title that we are excited about.

Eten Blog: Very coy Victoria and Alex. And thanks DinarSoft for sharing that info with us. I wonder what it is. Amit, will you holding back as well?

SBSH: Unfortunately this is something that we still can’t disclose :)

Eten Blog: Then I guess we will have to keep a sharp eye eh? How about you Ellen? Could you share something with us?

Ilium: I think the eWallet Web Companion will be very exciting for everyone.

Eten Blog: Sweet. I will be sure to keep a look out for that one. (To readers: I tried but can’t seem to get any information. Let’s try a different approach). Now I am sure many will be interested to know, will you be working on new titles or developing on the current ones for 2008?

WebIs: I would love to share them with you but it’s still too early to tell.

Eten Blog: Fair enough. What about you Amit?

SBSH: We will definitely have quite a few new releases during 2008 along with some great new updates for our current different applications that are continuously undergoing development. Things will definitely be very interesting during this upcoming year!

Eten Blog: Sure sounds like the development year is paying off. I can’t wait to see those improvements. What about IliumSoft’s plan Ellen?

Ilium: For the most part, we’ll be upgrading and expanding our existing titles and platforms. But I won’t rule out something completely new.

Eten Blog: Always open to suggestions, that’s awesome. What about you Victoria? Anything you want us to know?

Spb: We will continue to create WM miracles :)

Eten Blog: I am sure you will. And DinarSoft, what say you?

DinarSoft: The only thing that I can share here is that a major release for TapText (adding encryption and much more) is planned in 2008.

Eten Blog: Now that’s something really juicy. I can’t wait to see how that goes. One last question from me before we hand it over to the readers: Besides your company, what else are you looking forward to in 2008?


WebIs: Windows Mobile 6.1 will be nice to cleanup a few minor issues with the OS. Also just a new fresh start is nice :)

SBSH: Probably the most anticipated news will be the reveal of the new Windows Mobile 7 version that is slowly covered by different news sites these days. Hopefully we will be able to get access to initial beta versions of the upcoming WM version towards the end of 2008. At this stage I have no further information about this and I’m definitely looking forward to see what new technologies Microsoft have planned for the mobile market and will Microsoft be able to re-gain the “Cool” facture that was taken a bit by the iPhone release this year.

The mobile market is definitely heating up and it will be exciting to see what competition between these two giants will bring with it!

Ilium: I hope that the success of the iPhone helps people realize the potential of their smartphones, and encourages them to get the most use and value out of them. I also hope it shows companies like Microsoft and Palm that smartphones can be very successful consumer devices, and that it encourages these companies to get serious about their smartphone development and marketing.

Spb: Well, in 2007, we have seen Apple change the multimedia phone landscape with its iPhone, Google create the open platform Android, Microsoft widen its users audience with Windows Mobile 6.0. We have all witnessed the new HTC brand grow and flourish, and will probably see them ship their first Android phone by the middle of 2008. iPhone and TouchFLO have turned back the buttons trend in smartphone development, I look forward to seeing more of very functional screens. Motorola and UIQ have become closer and I anticipate a new Symbian-based touch screen Motorola. I look forward to seeing iPhone open up to third-party developers. And I cannot wait for the 3G and pre-4G technologies to spur the development of high speed data transfer-based mobile services.


Eten Blog: Those are some really exciting things to look forward to and I am sure many of us as well are looking forward to them. Well guys, this is the end of Part III of the series. We will close the series next week but not before I get them to answer some questions from you. So do subscribe to the site to stay on track. I’ll see you next week!

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Comment by spmwinkel Subscribed to comments via email
2008-02-16 02:45:22

Yay! A TapText update. I think it deserved much more credit (which might influence the update rate) than it does. At the moment I don’t use it but if indeed I could insert passwords without having them visible to anyone who would take my device, I might install it again.
It would be great if I’d just link TapText to the meter bar in ilauncher so that if I tap the battery bar iLauncher puts at the top, I get my TapText menu. I’m not sure anymore how fast TapText starts, but I hope that Dinarsoft keeps in mind that TapText needs to start very fast for the people that don’t use the icon in the top bar, but start TapText the way I would, or link it to a hardware button.

Now on the first part of the questions. I think it was not quite interesting to read the answers of the developers, since we just knew that they were not going to tell “yeah we’re releasing application X that does P and Q and R for platforms D and E”. What made it fun to read was that Tariq told us he really tried, but it was just impossible to get anything out of it.

ariq I’ve noticed that you missed ome of the first letters some places. You talk about unday and apText! :P

Finally, assuming that the developers don’t see each others answers, it’s quite interesting to see so many mentions of Apple, the iPhone, and the “Cool” factor that WM should (continue to) work on.

Thanks for this third edition!

Comment by Tariq Bamadhaj
2008-02-18 10:18:49

I do agree that TapText has a lot of potential, especially for users with devices that do not have a keyboard. The integration idea is awesome too because the saving of screen real estate is always appreciated.

Thanks for pointing it out to me. It seems like my keyboard is need of a change :(
And in case you are wondering, nope they did not see each other’s answers.

Comment by spmwinkel Subscribed to comments via email
2008-02-18 10:21:23

Thanks! Hmm I should re-install TapText again, I’ve been playing TangledBugs and a new Astraware beta so much that I didn’t get around to reinstalling TapText. ;)

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Xavier Baez Subscribed to comments via email
2008-02-16 03:24:54

Nobody can disclose any secret, what a shame hahaha
Pretty much the only good thing was the Ewallet, the only guy that actually talked about it’s plans for the future

However, I am so amazed with the Mobile 7, Mobile OS might be the most frequently updated OS on earth! Apple and Windows are certainly in a battle for the phone market, that is nice!

When will Windows Mobile 6.1 be released?

For me the best companies are


with SMS-Chat, SPB Mobile Shell, SPB Diary, SPB Phone Suite, SPB Pocket Plus, and Vito FunContact, I got a

“What OS is this???”

This was a technician from Pocket PC techs, but the OS is so tweaked he thought it wasn’t even windows, it’s nice to hear

I love FunContacts, SMS-Chat and SPB Pocket Plus, and SPB Mobile Shell

I really appreciate the effort of Tariq to get ideas from these companies

Comment by Tariq Bamadhaj
2008-02-18 10:21:27

Yeah it sure was hard getting future plans from them this time around.

No idea yet with Windows Mobile 6.1. Everyone thought it was going to be announced by Microsoft during World Mobile Congress but that announcement was never made so it’s really a guess now.

Thanks for the compliments Xavier, much appreciated :D

Comment by PJMDS
2008-02-16 07:07:41

:neutral: just a bunch of secrets, I had high hopes on this Developer Series but nothing interesting came up :( :cry:

Comment by Tariq Bamadhaj
2008-02-18 10:21:59

Tune in next week when your questions are answered :D

Comment by May C
2008-02-16 12:27:26

I’m quite disappointed in this part of the series and am the first to rate it a 3, when everyone is saying nothing with the exception of Illium. Even a somewhat general idea of what is coming would be nice. I understand that there is a need to keep things quiet but this part of the series seems like a waste of time for everybody.

I hope part 4 won’t be as disappointing. Maybe if Etenblog comes up with the next developer series that the participants would be more willing to provide some ideas of what they’re doing.

Comment by Tariq Bamadhaj
2008-02-18 10:24:38

Nope next week will be your questions and so far, I have gotten some interesting answers.

Could be that this is the first Developer Series so I’m still in testing. Will definitely improve on the next one.

Comment by maceyr
2008-02-16 12:29:50

Argh. I keep forgetting to log back in.

2008-02-18 09:45:01

[…] don’t forget that part 3 of Eten Blog dot Com’s Developer Interview series is now online. It was originally designed to be a 3-part article, but there’s going to be at […]


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