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While I may be having troubles with ROM cooking and taking a break from it, it seems that panot from Eten Users Forum is having a roll with his ROM cooking. He released his first ROM for the X500 on February 10th 2008 and now, just 10 days later, he’s released the third revision which he calls v2.6. For those new to this ROM, it is based on Eten’s last official ROM for the X500 (X500 WWE R01 032 0436 MOT0110 WM6).

Release Date

February 20th 2008


  • Latest official battery patch
  • Latest driver for the latest microSD and all microSDHC inside the ROM
  • Softkey control panel applet (for settings hardware buttons)
  • Call delay gone
  • 11 new themes added
  • 31,75 MB free (RAM)
  • Removed “Marketplace” link
  • Removed Windows Live
  • Removed Windows Messenger
  • Removed unnecessary Etens CABs from ExtROM and some added
  • Removed phone applications from Eten (unneeded)
  • Annoying “Turn on wifi” removed.
  • Wireless manager hidden under “E” icon.
  • Removed Wireless manager icon from the right bottom corner
  • New Wireless manager icon added at the Start/Settings/Connections
  • New better looking calculator added
  • Old calculator removed
  • New task manager added at the right bottom corner (It can be removed and underline be clear. You can install it again)
  • Phone service shows current network name correctly
  • Quick Link removed
  • Spb Shell added (much better then Quick Link)
  • Solved bug with MMS settings
  • Solved the two missing files in menu option in contacts
  • New very nice SMS appearance (thanks to TB_TB)
  • Three new alarms added


  • Spb Mobile Shell
  • SIM Manager
  • Headset Switch (fix for broken earphone plug)
  • Easy Keyboard
  • Satellite Data Update
  • Connection Wizard
  • Task Manager
  • Wireless Manager

Issues With Older SD Card

Because this ROM has the SDHC patch, there have been reports that older SD (the normal ones) cards do not work on this ROM. To test, install this patch BEFORE you do the ROM update and then see if your SD card can be read. This is the same patch that is in the Lighted ROM and if your card can be read after installing the patch, then it will work after you do the ROM upgrade as well. If your SD card cannot be read, then you have 2 alternatives, get a newer SD card (or a SDHC card) or use these versions which uses the old SD driver.

Download Sources

There are several versions of this ROM so please select the appropriate version.

WWE (English) Version WITH Latest SDHC Driver

WWE (English) Version WITHOUT Latest SDHC Driver

FRE Version WITH Latest SDHC Driver And Live Messenger

GER Version WITH Latest SDHC Driver

Is This The Latest?

I realized that with so many upgrades for these cooked ROMs, it might be hard to keep track on the latest one. Which is why I have created this link which allows you to keep track of the latest version. By click on this link, you will be taken to the latest version for this ROM. If you click on this link and it brings you back to this page, it means that this is the latest ROM available on this site.

Here is the link for those who missed it.

P.S. The latest ROM is the one available on this site. Even if the author updates the ROM on his site, such changes might not be reflected immediately on this site. If you feel there is an error about the latest ROM version, feel free to let me know.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the ROM below if you have tried it out.

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Comment by c3p9
2008-02-20 21:00:57

Tariq, why we don’t hear anything about X500+ cooked ROMs???

Comment by Tariq Bamadhaj
2008-02-21 10:16:26

That’s because cooking Eten ROMs is relatively new as the ROMs were packed differently from HTC. In fact, it was not until late last year that cooked Eten ROMs were available.Even at this time, the tools are not refined so cooking is something left to the professionals and those who understand the code. However, there should be cooked ROMs for the X500+ as the tools get better. I do know of a cooked ROM containing WM6.1 for the X500+ but the creator will not be releasing it (I guess for licensing issues) so it is there, just a matter of time.

Comment by c3p9
2008-02-21 16:45:58

Thanks for the comments Tariq. I guess I’m just anxious to be able to cook a ROM for the X500+. I had a Treo 650 and wasn’t very happy with it but it changed totally when we could start cooking ROMs so it’s frustating not to able to work out the ROM on the X500+. But I got your point. Please let’s us know when you have any news on that! Also on tools. I’d love to try out some tools on the X500+ ROM.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Tariq Bamadhaj
2008-02-21 17:36:08

Well there are some tools out there that you can try but I think at the moment, we are still in an early stage so you might want to give it some time for documentation and all. Maybe in a couple of weeks or maybe months, we will have a fully functional ROM kitchen that you can easily use to cook your own ROM.

Comment by Maciej Kiepuszewski
2008-02-21 05:50:09

I will use your update soon, but I have some questions first.
1. What’s the battery patch?
2. Why do u remove thc phone application?
3. I forgot the resc :)

Comment by Tariq Bamadhaj
2008-02-21 10:20:34

1. The battery patch fixes a problem where your battery status is not updated properly. Sometimes you will see your battery level at full for the whole day and then after that it would drop drastically and quickly over a shorter period of time.

2. The phone application is not really needed because it tends to slow down the whole device and affects phone conversations too (delay and such).

3. Do let me know when you remember.

Comment by Maciek Kiepuszewski
2008-02-22 07:14:18

so, regarding the phone application, I can try it out by unisntalling it first? I have 2 choices: “ETEN EtPhone” and “ETEN PhoneService2.0″.

I still can;t remember my 3rd question, but I have another one: New Skype (2.2) cannot be configured to use the sound switcher… But does the new version actually improve the quality of conversation (I hear well, but am not very well heard, CPU seems to be runing at it’s limits :))? I know the new version has a nice today plugin and proxy support, I don;t need neither.


(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Tariq Bamadhaj
2008-02-22 10:45:42

Looks that way. For me, I have uninstalled all the Eten Applications except for GPS Viewer, Satellite Data Update, SIM Manager, Skype and Skype Settings. You could also remove all these programs if you have no use for them anyway.

Yes the new Skype will not work with the sound switcher. It seems that the switcher is targeted at only one version of Skype. I guess the only way for you to determine is to use Skype with a headset (bluetooth or wired) and test with both versions and see which works better for you. For me, I use the sound switcher and so far, I do not have much complains with it.

Comment by Maciej Kiepuszewski
2008-02-22 20:53:04

phone: I have checked and there ane different apps in “uninstall” menu (2 mentioned above) and 3 items in “app recovery”. the phone app is for scenarios, zoom sms and call filter. I like to have the scenarios, others are disabled. another app is yollow skin. the last is “phone dialer” and this 1 confuses me. it’s not thc speed dial, so what does it do? and what uninstall itew is it?

Comment by Tariq Bamadhaj
2008-02-22 22:25:25

That is the speed dial application.

Comment by Tariq Bamadhaj
2008-02-22 22:31:52

Do check this article on what the various Eten applications do.

Comment by icsulescu Subscribed to comments via email
2008-02-24 13:54:59

Could U please remove from the rom the theme any of us can get any theme to instal to the device but as u know it is imposible to delete thouse from the rom.
U have done a breat work.


Comment by Tariq Bamadhaj
2008-02-25 11:52:19

I will let the developer know about your request.

Comment by benjy
2008-02-25 03:16:33

wm6 lite for eten x500 v2.8 by panot just realesed

Comment by Tariq Bamadhaj
2008-02-25 12:00:42

Thanks for the heads up. I am currently downloading them and will host them by the end of the day.


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