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Do you play the lottery? If you do, how do you choose the numbers? Is it by looking at the things around you and assuming they translate into specific numbers? Or do you dream about it and buy them the next day? Or maybe you have your own algorithm where you input certain variables to come up with the combination. I ain’t a better myself and those methods were something I thought of (not something I use) but my question still stands, how do you choose the numbers?


EuroMilliosn v1: Created by PJMDs

Well if you are playing the EuroMillions, then PJMDS has an alternative for you: EuroMillions. It’s a simple Pocket PC application that you have to install to your device (it’s rather small at just under 70KB) and from there, it will help you pick the numbers for you to play. How’s the software like?

Personal Experience

EuroMilliosn v1: The application in action

I tried for a couple of minutes and found it relatively easy to use. You just tap on New and it will give you a new number combination and even list them out for you in a way that makes it easy for to play (I assume). If you do not like the numbers given, just tap New again and it will give you a new set. If you do like the numbers, you can save them as favorite.

EuroMilliosn v1: How to play the game

Nothing too confusing here and in fact, it even comes with a small guide to help you get started. It even explains the EuroMillions for those who not aware of it.


Being a preview version, it works pretty well. While 70KB is small, I would prefer to install it to my Storage Card, something that PJMDS cautions against due to problems. I am not sure what they are exactly but hopefully he can fix it. On top of that, I do have some suggestions in the event that he decides to develop a newer version:

Select Certain Numbers To Play

It would be great if I could select certain numbers for playing. For example, on my birthday, I might want to play the number 22 which corresponds to the date of my birth. Therefore, I want all numbers I buy to have the number 22 in them. Currently the application does not seem to allow this so if it could be added in, it might prove more useful.

Select Certain Numbers To Not Play

Similar to the suggestion above bu this time, to select numbers that I do not want to play. Maybe I am superstitious and do not want to ever play the number 13. While you could keep tapping New and not taking note of combinations that come up with the number 13 in them, I would prefer if I do not have to deal with it totally.

Can’t Delete Favorites Easily

Your favorite numbers are saved in a text file but you cannot edit them directly from the program. Instead, you will need to open the text file and remove the numbers manually. Rather troublesome if you ask me.

On top of that, you can’t just delete the text file as it will pop up some errors. While these errors are not critical, maybe PJMDS can remove them or write the code differently?

Delete Is Useless

If I want a new set of numbers, I tap New and it will remove the old selection to give me a new one. If I tap Delete, it will just remove the old combination. If you ask me, the delete function seems to be useless because I cannot use it to delete favorites and it’s function is covered by New. Programming it to delete a favorite entry would be the better option.


I don’t gamble so EuroMillions is something that I will not be using but if you do play the lottery, I think this is a rather handy tool to help you select the numbers to play. I am not sure what other features you might want to add but if you do have any suggestions or have any comments about the application, feel free to add them below.

For those looking for the application, you can download it here.

Thanks PJMDS for this application.

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Comment by PJMDS
2008-02-28 17:24:31

This is the first application I made that reads and writes to the device file system, it gave me much problems to make it work, some functions that work on our windows computer are not supported on the device :???:

The location of the program is critical, the favorites.txt path is hardcoded, if you install it to the SD card the path isn’t the one expected and it might not work :oops: maybe next version can create
the file when it doesn’t find one.

* Select Certain Numbers To Play
* Select Certain Numbers To Not Play

Both features are easy to implement :)

I think you forgot to test the numbers, each number is a button and you can select and unselect the button, you can even make the entire group clicking on numbers, it should not accept more than 5 numbers and more than 2 stars, it a little buggy but it works most of the time lol

I can improve it with thing like favorites editor and remove some bugs if there are people interested on the program.

Comment by Tariq Bamadhaj
2008-02-28 19:33:14

Thanks for clearing that up. Maybe you could implement those features in the next version (if you do come up with one that is).

Oh yeah I tested the tapping on each numbers out but I forgot to write about it. I think the tapping on individual numbers would prove useful when you get to select the numbers to play/not to play.

Let’s wait and see if there are any more interested in the application before you proceed.


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