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This is it, the review you have all been waiting for: the Eten Glofiish M800 review. The reason I have decided to make this review a series of posts instead of one long review is just that, the whole review is rather long. So to make it easier on the eyes, I have broken it up into 5 parts, with each part going live every Saturday just after midnight Eastern Time. To make it easier to follow this series, you have several options: subscribe to this site via RSS feed, subscribe to the same feed via email or just bookmark this article.This article will link to all the other 5 parts so a first time reader will find it easier to navigate and find the section he is looking for.

Eten Glofiish M800

Part I (released on March 1st 2008)

An introduction to the Eten Glofiish M800 as well as the mandatory (it seems to be the case nowadays) unboxing video of the device for when it first arrived. The comments were open to readers for requests on tests to be conducted in the next few parts. Read it here.

Part II (released on March 8th 2008)

This part takes a closer look at the physical aspects of the Eten Glofiish M800 with close up shots of the device from a wide range of angles.

Read it here.

Part III (released on March 15th 2008)

Want to know what software Eten included in the Glofiish M800 and how it fares? Check this section out. I Also present with you with some alternatives if you do not like what you see as well as a comparison in terms of space between a Normal Install with all the Eten applications and a Clean Install with only the basics.

Read it here.

Part IV (released on March 22nd 2008)

A device with great specs is not a great device if you have a bad experience with it which is why in this part of the review, I share you with you my personal experience of the Glofiish M800. See how it fares as a phone, camera, web browser and many other activities that is usually carried out on a Pocket PC.

Read it here.

Part V (released on March 29th 2008)

Results of all the user tests requested. You’d be surprised at some of them too.

Read it here.

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