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Join Me At My Today Screen

There has been a lack of updates recently at Eten Blog dot Com and it all started when my previous host (1&1) did their systems upgrade. However, even before that episode, I had toyed with the idea of making Eten Blog into something bigger. Bigger in a sense that to reach a wider audience than […]

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Forum Take Down

Just a quick update: I have taken down the forums. It’s actually been down for a couple of days now because I took it down a couple of days back to try and fix it but apparently that was not possible so it’s now officially down. There were 2 reasons for the take down: the […]

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Problems With Server Resolved (Almost)

Over the last couple of days, Eten Blog dot Com faced some server problems. It all started when my host decided to do an upgrade and from there, everything went downhill. Unfortunately for me, neither I nor my host had the backup for my site and as such, had to manually try to see what […]

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Problems With Server

Just a quick update. I am currently having some problems with my server host and trying to sort it out. In the mean time, you will notice some error 404 and error 500. Do bear with me while I try to get this sorted out. I can be reached at eten AT if you […]

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Windows Mobile News On March 7 2008

Eten Blog Servers Getting An Upgrade
If you were to visit Eten Blog dot Com on March 8th 2008 between the hours of 12 midnight and 6am (Eastern Time), don’t be alarmed if you get an error. The host I am on will be upgrading their servers during that time and there might be some site […]

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Windows Mobile News On March 6 2008

Inesoft Upgrade Cash Organizer to 2008After a substantial period with no (minor or major) upgrade, Inesoft came around and released Cash Organizer 2008. Honestly, I prefer this over Spb Finance because it’s more powerful but more importantly, because it syncs with the latest versions of Quicken which I use on my desktop. However, looking at […]

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Windows Mobile News On March 5 2008

Free Resco Table Soccer From March 5th to 12th
I don’t usually publish this kind of articles here in the news but considering the limited time frame, it might just be the place. For those looking to score a free game from Resco, their Table Soccer is free till 12th. Yes I do agree that it’s […]

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Windows Mobile News On March 4 2008

Spb Mobile Shell Upgraded To 2.0
One of the best selling software for the Windows Mobile platform got a major upgrade today. Some of the new features include more functionality in one tabbed window, full screen dialogs for weather and time, animated transitions, navigation with gestures and quick panel selection with taskbar gestures. But that’s not […]

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Windows Mobile News On March 3 2008

IN a rather surprising move, ACER has made a move to buy E-TEN and executives from both sides have approved the deal which they hope will be tied up by summer of this year. With this deal, ACER can now explore “entirely new solutions” in the mobile world. This also means that […]

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Windows Mobile News On February 29 2008

RIM Patents QWERTY Slider
What were they thinking, I really do not know. RIM has gone ahead to patent a device that has a QWERTY sliding keyboard which is very similar to some Pocket PC models like the HTC Wing and Eten Glofiish M700. Are they planning to patent it and then charge these Pocket PC […]

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Windows Mobile News On February 28 2008

spmwinkel’s New Gesta Skin 1.2 For Resco Keyboard Pro
SPMWINKEL has recently released the Gesta Skin 1.2 for the Resco Keyboard Pro. However, don’t bother looking for it at Resco’s website (as yet) because his attempts to contact them to host the file has not been replied. So if you are looking for this awesome looking […]

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Windows Mobile News On February 27 2008

Move Over Yahoo, Opera Mobile Chooses Google
What this means is that the default search engine for all future Opera Mobile products (which include Opera Mobile For Windows Mobile and Opera Mini) will have Google as the default search engine. No more having to switch from Yahoo anymore. This change will go into effect for both […]

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Windows Mobile News On February 26 2008

Eten Blog’s Glofiish M800 Review Coming In March
Those of you wondering when the Glofiish M800 is going to be published, you don’t have to wonder anymore. That’s because I have decided to make the Glofiish M800 review a series for March 2008. The reason for this is rather simple, because I have been receiving a […]

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Windows Mobile News On February 22 2008

VITO RingtoneEditor Upgraded To v 1.22
If you love customizing your ringtones, you might have come across (and even purchased) this application. If that sounds like you, then don’t forget to check out this upgrade. Among the improvements, it is now easier for you to set the start and finish points of the music file and […]

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Windows Mobile News On February 21 2008

Microsoft Offers Free Developer And Designer Tools
If you’ve ever wanted to learn to code and or design applications and you are a student, you can now get your very own tools from Microsoft for free. There is no catch though you need to sign up and validate your student status. There are a variety of […]

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Windows Mobile News On February 20 2008

T-Mobile Joins In Unlimited Plans War
I guess it was just a matter of time before T-Mobile also started offering unlimited data plans after Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and Helio already made their announcements. Just like the plans, the ones from T-Mobile are also going for $99 a month but unlike the ones from Verizon and AT&T, […]

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Windows Mobile News On February 19 2008

VITO Technology Celebrates 7th Birthday: $7 Software
There seem to be a lot of great deals in the month of February. Currently, through a partnership with SBSH, Eten Blog is able to offer readers PocketWeather 2.0 for 45% off. And now, with VITO Technology celebrating their 7th birthday, they’ve announced a $7 price on all […]

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Windows Mobile News On February 18 2008

Verizon Adds New Unlimited Packages
It seems that Verizon is on their way to offering a few unlimited packages such as Unlimited voice for $100 which gives you unlimited voice, Select Unlimited for $120 which includes voice, SMS and MMS, Premium Unlimited for $140 which includes voice, SMS, MMS, VZNav, VCAST, and email as well as […]

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Eten Glofiish M800 In The House

Just a quick update on this Saturday. We have just gotten hold of the Eten Glofiish M800 (there is a reason I am using we in this case and it will be announced soon) and will be putting it through the paces. But while we are doing that, I would like to invite you to […]

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Aliph Jawbone In The House

Just a quick update: I have just gotten hold of the Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset, the bluetooth headset with supposedly the best noise cancellation technology out there. I will be putting it through the paces the next couple of days before I publish a review.

If you would like me to test something, feel free to […]

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