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I hope you have taken advantage of the great offers here at Eten Blog that we have managed to get for you, courtesy of SBSH. For those unaware, we got your some really great award-winning software at prices you would not believe. Software such as PocketBreeze 5.4, PhoneWeaver 1.2 and PocketWeather 2.0. But don’t go […]

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45% Off SBSH PocketWeather 2.0

You’ve read the very in-depth review about PocketWeather 2.0 here at Eten Blog. It was the first application that I actually could not suggest an improvement for because it seemed to have it’s all its bases covered. And yet after all that persuasion, you tell me you have still not purchased PocketWeather from SBSH? Why? […]

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Another 45% Off: PhoneWeaver

Last week, you were able to purchase SBSH’s PocketBreeze for 45% off the retail price which translated to only $10.97. $10.97 for an award-winning software and is also one of the best-selling software on many sites is a real steal and I hope you’ve managed to get yourself a license. In fact, I was told […]

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45% Off SBSH PocketBreeze

The fun continues here at Eten Blog dot Com in the month of February. I have an ongoing FunContact 2 prize giveaway that is still underway and 3 winners will be picked at random. If you have yet to take part, you can still do so right here. Or submit more entries if you […]

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