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Link Love For March 30 2008

There were quite a number of interesting articles this past week and while not all of them are related to Windows Mobile, I think you would enjoy reading about them nonetheless. Here they are:

There are rumors that WM6.1 will be released come April 1st but just what are it’s improvements? Find out for yourself here […]

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Link Love For March 23 2008

I didn’t have one last week because of the server problems so this week’s Link Love is going to be extra long. Enjoy

Doug Goldring has left Just Another Mobile Monday but not before he wrote this interesting article on Windows Mobile. Be sure to check it out. And here’s another one on […]

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Link Love For March 9 2008

There are some pretty interesting articles out there and here they are for your reading pleasure:

ASUS will be releasing the M536 which is a touchscreen QWERTY. What’s more interesting is the new UI that it’s planned for its line of phones. Check out a video of it here.
Here’s one giveaway you might be interested to […]

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Link Love For March 2 2008

The first week of March and a new list of interesting articles to share. Some of them are not related to Windows Mobile though but I hope you like them.

What’s Bill Gate’s latest (dumb) prediction? Find out here.
Not exactly related to Windows Mobile but rather interesting nonetheless. If you’re going to be driving your car […]

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Link Love For February 24 2008

Here we go again with another round of great articles I found on the web:

More videos of the Opera Mobile 9.5 When is this thing coming out?
Do you have too many devices when you go out but not enough pockets to store them? Then this might be the long-awaited solution you are looking for. Weird […]

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Link Love For February 17 2008

Bored on a Sunday? Well here are some interesting articles which I found around the web.

We finally catch a demo of the Google Android in action. Well it’s not fully functioning because there was no internet connection but you can still see the potential with the pictures here.
Do you fancy wireless charging? While […]

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Link Love For February 10 2008

Another week and another set of great articles from around the web. Here’s my list:

The Eten Glofiish X650 gets unboxed and compared over at Gear Diary. There is no review at the moment but I am sure they will come up with one in due time.
What are some of your best and worst mobile experiences? […]

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Link Love For February 3 2008

There was a lot happening in the past week in the Windows Mobile world so this week’s post is going to be longer than usual. Let’s not waste time and get straight to the content:

¬†What do you do with your old Pocket PC when you get a new one? If you stay, keep it as […]

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Link Love For January 27 2008

Here are some interesting articles I found while surfing the web this past week:

If you are a fan of Dungeons and Dragons Dice Roller game, then why not play it on your Pocket PC right? Well the author of this thread has adapted it just for you. Enjoy!
It seems that the HTC Class Action Suit […]

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Link Love For January 20 2008

Recently, we started covering news related to Windows Mobile again on this site, something we used to do. And today, we’re bringing back Link Love, another feature on this site that we used to have in the past. For those unaware, Link Love is basically a collection of articles from other sites which we find […]

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Google Maps Mobile Goes 2.0
Google Maps just got it’s second upgrade in as many months, this time going to v2.0. Not much changes to the menu save for some shortcuts added. But the biggest addition to the application is that now you can get your location, even if your device does not have a built-in […]

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VITO RingtoneEditor Uupdated To Version 1.2
With this new update by VITO, it is now even easier to set your preferred ringtones. Just listen to the music file and select your start and finish points and you are all set. No one trial and error or estimating where you should cut it. With VITO RingtoneEditor, the […]

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phoneAlarm Upgrade To v1.63
If you are an avid user of phoneAlarm, then go grab your updates. At 1.63, this version addresses some issues, including support for the X800 backlight and WLAN. Free SMS count on the scroller and several bug fixes are added as well. For those who have yet to try this software out, […]

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Best Software Awards 2007
Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine just recently released the name of the winners of their annual award contests. The list is a long one and can be viewed by the various categories that interest you. Do check out this year’s winners and see how they stack up against each other. I use […]

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Infineon Teams With Intel For High-Density (HD) SIM CardsFor a moment, I thought I read it wrongly and thought it was for memory cards but apparently there are no errors there. Why anyone would need a high capacity SIM card is beyond me, with more and more devices now having the ability to use external […]

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Skype Launches New Version For Pocket PC
On Friday, Skype launched a new version of their software made for the Pocket PC platform. This new software serves to re-include devices that were removed in the previous version, namely Samsung-based processors. Eten Glofiish users would definitely rejoice at this fact but be advised that the new version […]

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Link Love For November 11th 2007

Werner “Menneisyys” Ruotsalainen Recaps
Over at Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine, Werner “Menneisyys” Ruotsalainen does a recap or Windows Mobile news that he has been dealing with recently such as the projects he undertakes as well as some of the software that he has been testing with. A good Sunday read to catch up on what […]

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VITO AudioPlayer Updated To Version 1.16!
If you are a user if VITO AudioPlayer, then go grab your latest v1.16. What’s in this new version? For starters, you can set this as your default player making playing your files with your favorite player much easier. Another feature added is that instead of multiple taps for rewinding […]

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Opera Mini 4 Come Out Of Beta
If you have yet to use Opera Mini 4, there is no better time than the present because it has recently come out of beta. While it requires a Java manager to run, it does offer some advantages over it’s Pocket PC counterpart such as being free and having […]

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Eten Launches New Website: Glofiish
Eten has finally updated their site with regards to all the new models that have announced over the last couple of weeks. But don’t go heading to Eten Corp’s website, because you would not find it there. Instead, they have set up a site, called Glofiish, to showcase all the new […]

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