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ListPro At 50% Off

Yes you got it right. Get the award winning ListPro for only $9.95 today (usually $19.95). That’s a saving of over 51%. I just found this deal and have no idea if it will ever be repeated so if you are in the market for a list manager, you can do no wrong with ListPro: […]

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Blogger And WM User? Read On

Blogging can mean different things to different people. I like to blog because I feel it’s one of the best ways to share what I know about Windows Mobile and Eten devices with those who are just starting out. Then there are those who blog to share their personal experiences with the world wide web. […]

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TouchPal Your Text Entries

Let’s face it. The default SIP in Windows Mobile does not really help with efficient text entry. If you want to do it relatively fast, you will most probably have to use 2 hands and if you want to use it with 1 hand, chances are, your entries will most likely be slow or not […]

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