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What Is RSS

What Is RSS?

Keeping up to date with websites can be a complicated task nowadays. There are sites which update frequently or even have a posting schedule and then there are those that do not. To always find and read their latest articles might be as easy as bookmarking.

The Problem With Bookmarking

  • Can be complicated when tracking a lot of sites.
  • You do not know when there are updates.
  • You have to manually check the site.
  • When you do not check the site for some time (say when you are on vacation), it’s almost impossible to find the posts which you have not explored.

In short, you had to do all the hard work with the bookmarks. But people nowadays are turning to a different technology to help them with website updates: RSS.

What Is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. To simplify it, RSS is a new technology that takes bookmarks to the next level. You add the site to your RSS reader and it automatically checks the site at regular intervals to see if there are any updates to it. If there are, it will fetch the article and place them in your reader so that the next time you visit your reader, all the unread articles are there for you.

RSS Changes Everything

Now you no longer need to check back your favorite websites constantly to see if a new article has been published. RSS does all the work for you. You just need to subscribe to the site’s feed and it does all the work for you. Even when you are on vacation or away from the computer for extended periods of time, RSS will keep on the fetching so that when you can finally check the feeds, it’s all there for you, all in one place.

How To Use RSS

The first thing you will need is an RSS Reader. There are paid and free versions as well as offline and online ones. For this, I would recommend Google Reader which is free and online and packed with features that you would find useful. Of course you could always use something else which you are comfortable with.

Before you can get the feeds, you need to subscribe to them. At the various websites that you visit, you might see the RSS icon in the address bar as shown below:

RSS Icon In Address Bar

Clicking this icon will take you to a subscription page where you can choose your reader. If you do not see that icon in the address bar, you might find it elsewhere on the site. Since the birth of RSS, there have been many evolutions to the icons but they all mean the same thing: Subscribe to the site via RSS. Here are some of the RSS icons used:

RSS Icons

Clicking on any of these icons on the site would take you to a subscription page where you choose your reader and you are all good to go.

The best way to learn about your RSS Reader is to just add a couple of feeds from your favorite website and play around with it in your reader. For starters, you can add Eten Blog dot Com’s RSS feed here.

Still Find RSS Complicated? We’ve Got Email

If you still find RSS too complicated for your use but still want to subscribe to articles on Eten Blog dot Com, we have an email subscription option where articles will be sent to your mailbox daily.

To get started with email subscription, just follow the link here. Not to worry, your email will not be shared or shown to any other party. It will be kept private and only used for the purpose of sending you daily updates.

Further Reading On RSS

For those interested in finding out more about RSS, we have some useful links for you here:

We hope that you have found this resource useful and that it answers your questions about RSS.

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